The use of this page is fairly simple, you use the buttons to navigate the site. 
the site consists of 4 total pages they are (not necessarily in any order)
1. The Home page -
This is the main page of the site it contains links to the other pages and is where you start.
2. The Help page -
This is the page you are currently on and has instructions for the other pages.
3. The Request page -
This page contains the request form for requestiing a dedication.
4. The Archive page -
This is an Archive of previous dedications, for your listening pleasure. The archive range iscurrently 2 to 3 weeks.
5. The Player page -
This page contains a player so you can listen to the live stream from the site.  From this page you can also download the
*Android and **Windows players for listening off line.

* - Android player uses your data connection to connect and stream audio, data usage charges will occur if not using wifi connection.
** - Windows player used for offline listening (not on the website).  A live internet connection is required to access the stream.
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